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Jolly Polly and the Pirates perform at many private parties every year. We know that live music entertainment is very important at your event which is why our aim is to make this part of your planning as easy and stress free as possible.


Our Standard Party Service

The standard party service includes everything you'll need for an amazing party. It's designed to minimise costs by including everything you'll need for a 'normal' size party.

  • Arrive an hour and a half before performance start time to setup

  • Perform two sixty minute sets of live party music.

  • Background music before, between and after our live sets.

  • Very high quality PA & standard lighting rig provided, suitable for audiences of up to 500 people

Additional Services

We also offer the following additional upgrade options:

  • DJ service (run by a band member)

  • After midnight finish

  • Early arrival and set up

  • Polly Unplugged - Additional sixty minute acoustic set 

  • Learn a song request

  • DJ Polly - DJ with live vocals and percussion

  • Bandaoke - Live band karaoke

  • Full lighting rig with laser

  • Micro Festival - Put on your own multi-act festival!

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What we'll do at your party

1 - Arrival, Set Up And Soundcheck


A standard private party gig for Jolly Polly and the Pirates starts with our prompt arrival at your venue around an hour and a half before we're due to perform. We load in our equipment, set up and sound check as quickly and discreetly as possible. This usually takes us around 60 minutes depending on access.


2 - After Set Up
After we’ve set up and sound checked we will put background music on through our PA system and go to change into our stage clothes. At this point most bands would demand a hot meal, but there is no requirement for you to feed Jolly Polly and the Pirates. 

3 - Our First Live Set!

Party time!


4 - Break Time

Between our first and second set we'll take a break. During this time we'll play background music for your guests to carry on dancing!


5 - Our Second Set!


6 - End Of The Night
After our second set ends we'll put background music on until the end of the contracted time while we pack up our equipment. This normally takes an hour.

Email or call 07967 582 276 to book now!

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